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Yacht BulletProof MainsailYacht Rigging By DLYRBullet Proof (G-Force)

Performance 14 mt. Catamaran. Compleat rig designed and built by DLYR enginered by Chris Mitchell AES NZ.


Yacht Brisbane

Executive Yachts 22m

Yacht Rigging Brisbane

Late 2006- Lidgard design, carbon mast was supplied by the builder, Engineered to AES specifications and all components fabricated in stainless to the owners requirements. Feature the self aligning tangs for all stays and diamonds, Ronstan/Frederiksen RCB batten system ,Dyform rigging 19mm with standard Ronstan terminal fittings roll swaged.


Catamaran Yacht Brisbane

Perry 43 Catamaran We have rigged over 50 of these cats. They carry the DL247 section, Harken batten systems , 1x19 rigging and Ronstan rigging fittings. We also fabricate the forebeam assemblies .


Catamaran Rigging Wire

Perry 57ft Catamaran This production cat features the DL337 section, Self aligning tangs, a mixture of 1x19 and Dyform rigging ,Ronstan Batten system, and many of the custom deck fittings we produce. We also manufacture the forebeam structure and telescopic prodder mounts.Several of the boats have also used our custom Big Boat deck Hardware.


Yacht Rigging Brisbane

Kay Cottee 56ft Cutter Superb cruising yacht developed by Kay Cottee and available as a production yacht .Features Leisurefurl Boom , Harken Headsail Furlers.

 Traditional refit allnew and Hi tec


Cleen front beem and great work area (note.. no A frame and rigging on beam)

Integrated Prodder - Yacht Brisbane