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Boat - Yacht Brisbane

Rod Watts built a 17mt performance sports cruising cat 10 years ago he got around to rigging it in 2008

We originally supplied his Perry 43 cat with its rig (no.1 boat) in the mid 90s this boat has a 23mt. tapered

DL307 Extrusion set up with a self-tacking headsail and performs very well....



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The Bullet Proof mast project by David Lambourne Yacht Rigging


As you will see in this magazine Scott Gralowe has just launched his new 46’ catamaran of which has been in the pipeline for at least 4 years as far as I am aware.


I have known Scott for sometime and was not in a position to provide a rig for his previous boat but when this one became a reality our product range is now second to none and we were able to offer services such as a full set of independent engineering rig loads, advise on any aspects of sailing configurations as well as provide a finished product arguably of the highest standard available in the world at an affordable price.


Scott’s original brief was a single piece mast, as long as possible and as light as possible but at no stage was the final price of the rig a limitation. The first stage was to accurately loft the boat and establish a very clear understanding of the physical size of the boat, the target displacement and what the sailing expectations of the boat were. This information came from a number of sources such as the design office, Scott himself, Gary Martin and myself, David Lambourne. Once to this point which I must say never changed all information was forwarded to Chris Mitchell of Applied Engineering Services renowned as the most experienced and well respected rig engineer in the world to independently advise the actual animal we were dealing with. Chris originally came with a full drawing that agreed with all of the opinions of DLYR based on sailing with full mainsail and full genoa in up to 26 knots AWS. The response from Scott was prompt and direct, to heavy but at least we had established a platform to work on. We reduced the wind range from 26 knots to 22 knots and sacrificed safety margin from 2.5 to 2 which Scott accepted responsibly for which allowed us to reduce from our DL277 extrusion to our DL247 extrusion saving 37kg’s in the rig weight immediately. The Fredriksen slide in track was fastened in which increased the fore and aft rig stiffness by 16% and an external sleave was fitted at the bottom to compensate boom loads.


The other major weight saving was that at the same time the wind range was changed all of the rigging could and was down sized by one size. The Dyform capshrouds and lowers were also substituted with Dynex Dux overbraided in black polyester and spliced around our new investment cast stainless steel thimbles that are tensioned by rated Ronstan toggle to toggle turnbuckles with additional thread length to accommodate additional stretch factors. This saved 19kg’s in this alone. Destruction testing of the Dynex was done prior to use.


As with all our masts this rig utilised our standard masthead extrusion, standard sheave boxes, standard forestay lug, tubular spreader systems with investment cast mast brackets, investment cast alloy gooseneck, Antal slider tracks for genoa and screecher halyards and our unique DLYR self aligning rigging tangs on all rigging attachments.


From a DLYR prospective it was a pleasure to offer our full services for this project and a pleasure to work with Scott, as well as Yancy from Ullman sails and the boat builder Andrew Crick. This service is available to any designers, production boat builders or one off boat builders and is priced on each project depending on level of detail supplied and location of project.


Contact David Lambourne on 617 33484444 or email dlyr@powerup.com.au




Trading Terms/Conditions

for mast quotes- Prices are firm for 30 days.
Terms would be 25% deposit to fix the price . Further 25% payable upon completion of primary assembly . Further25 % payable upon complete fabrication and prior to delivery with the balance of any items , payable upon supply.
Goods remain the property of David Lambourne Yacht Rigging until paid for in full. Invoices will be raised at the time of progress payments insuring that the customers title to all goods is secure to the full level of progress payments.
Delivery and installation of the mast is included but freight on any hardware items would be extra.
Connection of electrics to the yacht is not included.

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Warranty on materials and workmanship limited to 2 years from installation unless manufacturer warranty exceeds this period . Limited to Brisbane Metro area delivery and service and excludes electrical connections and normal wear and tear items. Outside metro area may incur travel and / or freight charges.
Labour outside the Metro area may be carried out by other agreed parties
We reserve the right to nominate a maximum charge for service work performed on our behalf by third parties.


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